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Front Cover Gozo Is the grass greenerbuy-button-amazon

Gozo: Is the Grass Greener? is the story of Freya Barrington and her husband, Steve, when they moved from the UK to live on the small, Mediterranean island of Gozo in the Maltese archipelago. Illustrated with numerous photographs, the book is filled with laugh-out-loud anecdotes and more sombre stories for which handkerchiefs will be needed, including an emotive, yet candid account of a real life struggle with Bipolar Disorder. Freya writes with unreserved honesty about how she and Steve met and fell in love. She goes on to share the story of their joint singing career, the manic drive across Europe; their fun-loving lurchers, Ollie and Ralph; and many other delightfully amusing tales about living in Gozo for four years. Gozo: Is the Grass Greener? has widespread appeal, making the book suitable for locals and non-locals alike.
Gozo: Is the Grass Greener? is available in paperback and ebook editions.

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