Reviews – GOZO is the Grass Greener ?

Gozo Is the Grass Greener?

5* Amazon Reviews

  • Well, couldn’t wait to read this, but had to finish another book first, but it was well worth the wait, I absolutely loved this, it is so well written, happy, quirky, sad & downright hilarious in places too…broke my heart reading one certain chapter, I cried buckets…

    Freya Barrington writes so beautifully & so sympathetically that the picture unfolds right in front of your eyes…

    Cannot wait to read the next book, would love to be her neighbour, I think it would be so exciting to be able to peek over the hedge, just to see what they are up to next……. Lewisland

  • Could not put it down! A hilarious and sometimes very emotional read. A great story of a huge change in a couple’s life, their move from the UK to Gozo. Had me laughing out loud and at other times sitting with sad tears rolling down my cheeks, mainly at the tales of Ollie their beloved dog.
    A great read for anyone and a change for me from the fictional tales I normally read. J.L.
  • After receiving an email from Amazon about the release of this book I decided to buy it. I had enjoyed Freya’s first book, so why not!? A totally different genre to her first book, this book is an engaging, heart-warming and funny auto biography/ travel book. I found it both easy reading and enjoyable and would recommend it as the perfect book to enjoy whilst on holiday. Parts of it had me laughing out loud whilst certain chapters had me in tears. Freya gives an honest account of her move to Gozo in this book covering topics such as divorce, weddings, neighbours, pets, travel, death and friendships; things we can all relate to. Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable read. TJ
  • The trials and tribulations of moving to a Foreign land. The ups and downs of life as an ex-pat, a worthwhile read for anyone considering the move to a favourite holiday destination. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it. A.K.
  • I was captivated by the story of living in Gozo, the journey there and the important part their Lurcher played in their lives. The story invoked many emotions including laughter and tears. An excellent read and one I would recommend to friends. LN

Gozo Is the Grass Greener –Comments via Other Social Media

Ok. I have been in the bath for an hour 20 mins and read up to chapter 9! it is a tremendous read – so well written and funny. Having moved by car in 2000 to Southern Spain with my dog I really am on the same wavelength. Can’t wait to read more ….J.L.

Love it, nearly wet myself in bed last night reading about Ollie (the lurcher) on the ferry.
Can’t wait to read more tonight, great reading Freya well done. V.B.

I loved it! L.B.

Finished! A big 24 hours after it arrived. Couldn’t put it down, I needed to read just one more chapter…. Fabulous, funny and incredibly sad, a real roller coaster of emotions that we all can relate to. Thanks for a super read J.L.

I stayed in Gozo and loved it – my friend bought this book whilst we were there and is loving it.

My friend downloaded this book to her kindle in seconds and was laughing out loud when she was reading it at the pool. She has a place in Gozo and knows all about life there so this book was right up her street.

Getting through the nightshift with Freya Barrington …….. You made my night, love your humour and writing what a road trip!! Poor Ollie; my shift allowed me to chapter 9 now for

@freyabarrington We are loving your book, in fact mum taking us to bed early as she wants to finish it tonight. Thanks 4 telling me about it – Bracken (the dog) via Twitter

@freyabarrington A pleasure. Read first few pages and already addictive. With holiday villa rentals on Gozo I’m going to enjoy!

@LurcherSOS Oh my owner is reading this, making her chuckle so far! @freyabarrington

Went to Gozo last night to see the youth Orchestra playing on a pontoon in Mgarr ,Brilliant! ! On ferry back to Malta saw your book promotion poster. Just going to order both and can’t wait to read them!!! So the poster is working!!!!!! AB

Freya, I finished your book Gozo,is the grass greener. Fabulous easy read. Felt just like we were having a chat! – JB

Yesterday we had a day by the pool, & I read the whole of a book called “Gozo, Is the grass greener”- in 1 day by my lovely friend Freya Barrington – I cried with laughter in parts & cried with sadness in other parts. Brilliant my friend, just brilliant. MM


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