Caught In Traffick

Caught in Traffick

In Freya Barrington’s previous book, Known to Social Services, Freya Barrington gave us a frighteningly realistic insight into the harrowing world of the child protection social worker. Based on her own experiences, the book was a revelation and occupied the number one spot for social work books on Amazon UK within weeks of release and went on to win the autobiography/biography/memoir section of the 2015 London Book Festival and received an Honourable Mention at the 2016 Paris Book Festival.

Caught in Traffick is the sequel to Known to Social Services, and continues the story of social worker Diane Foster. Set mainly in Thailand; Diane and her partner Ethan are on a working holiday, blissfully unaware of the dangers lurking against the beautiful backdrop of white beaches and glorious monuments.

When four-year-old Darcie Taylor is abducted from a crowded beach, Diane and Ethan find themselves sucked into the horrifying world of child trafficking. When Darcie’s abduction is followed closely by the kidnap of another child, there can be no doubt that a well co-ordinated gang is operating in the area. A chance meeting with the Director of Social Services Nicholas Bishop leads to a shocking revelation about the man who is still Diane’s most senior manager. Together, they become embroiled in a dangerous web of subterfuge and corruption, where organised crime syndicates and depraved sex offenders engage in a desperate battle of wits against those dedicated to their downfall. Trapped within this labyrinth of immorality are the children, who are sacrificed on the altar of greed and perversion for financial gain. With the gang’s tentacles reaching across to England, Diane is shocked to find herself faced with some old adversaries.

With gripping twists and turns, hair-raising rescue attempts and heart breaking tragedies which leave you in despair; Caught in Traffick will open your eyes to the disturbing underground world of child trafficking.

Reviews – GOZO is the Grass Greener ?

Gozo Is the Grass Greener?

5* Amazon Reviews

  • Well, couldn’t wait to read this, but had to finish another book first, but it was well worth the wait, I absolutely loved this, it is so well written, happy, quirky, sad & downright hilarious in places too…broke my heart reading one certain chapter, I cried buckets…

    Freya Barrington writes so beautifully & so sympathetically that the picture unfolds right in front of your eyes…

    Cannot wait to read the next book, would love to be her neighbour, I think it would be so exciting to be able to peek over the hedge, just to see what they are up to next……. Lewisland

  • Could not put it down! A hilarious and sometimes very emotional read. A great story of a huge change in a couple’s life, their move from the UK to Gozo. Had me laughing out loud and at other times sitting with sad tears rolling down my cheeks, mainly at the tales of Ollie their beloved dog.
    A great read for anyone and a change for me from the fictional tales I normally read. J.L.
  • After receiving an email from Amazon about the release of this book I decided to buy it. I had enjoyed Freya’s first book, so why not!? A totally different genre to her first book, this book is an engaging, heart-warming and funny auto biography/ travel book. I found it both easy reading and enjoyable and would recommend it as the perfect book to enjoy whilst on holiday. Parts of it had me laughing out loud whilst certain chapters had me in tears. Freya gives an honest account of her move to Gozo in this book covering topics such as divorce, weddings, neighbours, pets, travel, death and friendships; things we can all relate to. Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable read. TJ
  • The trials and tribulations of moving to a Foreign land. The ups and downs of life as an ex-pat, a worthwhile read for anyone considering the move to a favourite holiday destination. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it. A.K.
  • I was captivated by the story of living in Gozo, the journey there and the important part their Lurcher played in their lives. The story invoked many emotions including laughter and tears. An excellent read and one I would recommend to friends. LN

Gozo Is the Grass Greener –Comments via Other Social Media

Ok. I have been in the bath for an hour 20 mins and read up to chapter 9! it is a tremendous read – so well written and funny. Having moved by car in 2000 to Southern Spain with my dog I really am on the same wavelength. Can’t wait to read more ….J.L.

Love it, nearly wet myself in bed last night reading about Ollie (the lurcher) on the ferry.
Can’t wait to read more tonight, great reading Freya well done. V.B.

I loved it! L.B.

Finished! A big 24 hours after it arrived. Couldn’t put it down, I needed to read just one more chapter…. Fabulous, funny and incredibly sad, a real roller coaster of emotions that we all can relate to. Thanks for a super read J.L.

I stayed in Gozo and loved it – my friend bought this book whilst we were there and is loving it.

My friend downloaded this book to her kindle in seconds and was laughing out loud when she was reading it at the pool. She has a place in Gozo and knows all about life there so this book was right up her street.

Getting through the nightshift with Freya Barrington …….. You made my night, love your humour and writing what a road trip!! Poor Ollie; my shift allowed me to chapter 9 now for

@freyabarrington We are loving your book, in fact mum taking us to bed early as she wants to finish it tonight. Thanks 4 telling me about it – Bracken (the dog) via Twitter

@freyabarrington A pleasure. Read first few pages and already addictive. With holiday villa rentals on Gozo I’m going to enjoy!

@LurcherSOS Oh my owner is reading this, making her chuckle so far! @freyabarrington

Went to Gozo last night to see the youth Orchestra playing on a pontoon in Mgarr ,Brilliant! ! On ferry back to Malta saw your book promotion poster. Just going to order both and can’t wait to read them!!! So the poster is working!!!!!! AB

Freya, I finished your book Gozo,is the grass greener. Fabulous easy read. Felt just like we were having a chat! – JB

Yesterday we had a day by the pool, & I read the whole of a book called “Gozo, Is the grass greener”- in 1 day by my lovely friend Freya Barrington – I cried with laughter in parts & cried with sadness in other parts. Brilliant my friend, just brilliant. MM


Reviews – Known to Social Services

Amazon 5* reviews – Known to Social Services

  • A fantastic book about the realities of life as a social worker. The media only ever talk about social workers when a tragedy happens. This book by Barrington, tells the story of a social worker through her eyes, what she deals with on a day to day basis, how she never shuts off, and how it affects her relationship. A must read for those interested in social work; DJ via Amazon UK
  • This was such a realistic book with all the red tape, frustrating decisions made by people not working face to face with these families. The reality of the circumstances are true to life although I must admit we do have positive outcomes too. A must read for everyone – see social work in a true light. LL via Amazon UK
  • At first I wasn’t sure the subject matter was for me, but having just read the authors second book Gozo is the grass greener ( and thoroughly enjoyed it) I thought I would give this a go.
    I was gripped from the first chapter. I am a complete novice as to the workings of our social services, I find the terrible stories deeply disturbing, but I had to keep reading to see how they turned out. How the social workers deal with the pressure on a day to day basis is beyond comprehension. Well done on a well written account of the outcome of so many heart wrenching tales of the lesser fortunate members of society. I await the follow up with great anticipation. JL via Amazon UK
  • Thank you Freya for writing such a profoundly honest account of an extremely dedicated social worker. This book was gripping from the outset and I’m looking forward to the next instalment. A must read for prospective students; I wish I had had access to a book like this when I was training all those years ago. Great job! AQ via Amazon UK
  • I found this to be a really good novel which realistically sets out the different challenges that C&F social workers have. As a NQSW I found if very helpful, specifically in relation to child protection. Looking forward to the sequel. K via Amazon UK
  • Downloaded this book today. Sat and read it, could not put it down. Showing the ups and downs of life as a Social Worker. They just never get the recognition they deserve. Can’t wait for the follow up. Great cliff hanger! AK via Amazon UK
  • Wow-just finished reading this book-fantastically written from the side of the social worker- had me in tears by the end- so many sad cases- a real eye opener-thank you. AM via Amazon UK
  • I loved this book! When I see lots of 5 star reviews I often wonder if they’re genuine, or if the author has got everyone they know to add them, but in this case it was well justified. I too am a social worker and have written my own novel about social work, please adopt me, but everything said in this book rang true. I loved the main characters, Diana and Glenda, who strive to keep local children safe. They behaved exactly as I recall from my days in child protection and the clients too are very authentic. This would be a great book for anyone to read who is considering social work as a career, or who just wants to know more about it. Medical romance and stories have been available for years and much enjoyed by the public, but there has been little similar for social work. Hopefully that can now change with myself and Freya Barrington setting the tone. Social work is a rich and rewarding career and it so deserves a wider audience and not just coverage from one of the tabloids when things go wrong. Lynne Pardoe via Amazon UK
  • Gripping book would definitely recommend.. As a social work student this book gave a fantastic insight of social work practice in child protection!! I’m hoping there will be another instalment. NA via Amazon UK
  • I always knew that there was another side to the stories telling of social workers’ incompetence in the horrific stories of neglect and abuse that flood our newspapers. I know this because I have friends that are social workers, and I know why they do their job and how hard it is for them to carry on in the face of the derision of their critics and the unwillingness of some of their clients to engage with the help that will lift them out of their despairing situations.
    ‘Known to Social Services’ at last rebalances the perception that is widely held of social workers as uncaring, interfering busybodies that are willing to break up families at the drop of a hat.
    It is a page-turning, gripping read that will leave you feeling immense sorrow, not only for the vulnerable humanity within its pages, but for the social workers who daily give their all to try and mend a society that is fractured beyond healing.
    Buy it, read it, be enlightened. WS via Amazon UK
  • Brilliant book couldn’t put it down. My views on social workers have changed somewhat and it’s nice to hear their side of the story. Look forward to the next book. NB via Amazon UK
  • This book had me completely gripped from start to finish. I experienced a wealth of emotions as I got to know each character and discovered more and more about the harrowing lives they lead. The main character (Diane) is so dedicated to supporting the families she works with but faces many hurdles on a daily basis. It is quite clear that she never switches off and carries her work with her wherever she goes and whatever she does. The author has you hooked with detailed portraits of life behind the closed doors of many families and individuals. By the end of the book, I felt like I knew them all! There are young parents struggling to cope; mothers who suffer at the hands of abusive partners; drug dealers who can only think about their next fix; parents who simply don’t care and leave their infants in squalor whilst they turn up the TV and ignore the cries… it was a real eye opener for me. Freya Barrington has used her own experiences as a senior child protection social worker to inform her readers in an honest and open way about the job. A thoroughly enjoyable read and one which I whole heatedly recommend you buy!! I’m about to read it for a second time and can’t wait for the sequel! EP via Amazon UK
  • Very interesting and readable with totally believable characters. I really felt for social worker ‘Diane’, not being listened to and then getting the blame when things went wrong. It rings true; social workers are an easy target. Looking forward to the next novel. M&D Thomas via Amazon UK
  • Couldn’t put it down. Not enjoyed a book this much for years. I went through every emotion reading this, tears, anger and frustration. Every aspect of the daily lives of these people is described so accurately. A compelling read, you just have to keep going to see what happens to the characters next. Wasn’t prepared for the cliff hanger – think I actually made an audible gasp. I want to hug every social worker in the land. Hope the sequel isn’t going to be too long. JC White via Amazon UK
  • I downloaded this book from Amazon kindle, and must say found it so inspiring, fascinating, emotional.
    Intriguing just could not put it down, the stories kept you so griped, I could not wait for the next page.
    In fact I was sorry when it came to the end, it was so overwhelming.
    This book deserves 5 stars in my opinion, and hope there will be a follow up to this one.
    This book is a must to read, by such an inspiring Author.
    Well done Freya Barrington. Valda B via Amazon UK
  • Excellent story, couldn’t put it down. AP via Amazon UK
  • This book was given to me as a gift and in all honesty it’s the kind of genre that I usually avoid as I find reading about child abuse too upsetting. However, I’m truly glad that I did receive this book as it’s opened my eyes to the world of social workers and to the fantastic job they do on a day to day basis.

    The story follows several families; some trying desperately to be good parents or foster carers and others the most evil of people imaginable. The story centers around social worker Diane Foster and her work on a rough, fictional council estate. Diane is a hard-working, lovable character that you’ll find yourself either cheering on or weeping for, depending upon the chapter you’re reading!

    I think that the author has managed to do an excellent job of giving the general public an insight into the work of social workers whilst still keeping the book as what it was meant to be – a fictional story.

    Crammed with emotional highs and lows and ending with a spine tingling twist, you won’t be disappointed you bought this book! I am very much looking forwards to reading the sequel! T Jay via Amazon UK

  • Ordered my Kindle copy, & started reading the book that evening, have to say, it is extremely well worth a read.

    It has had me on the edge of my chair a few times, I have found it to be very well written, extremely interesting, & is giving a lay person an amazing insight into just how difficult & distressing a job Social Service workers do !!..

    So glad I ordered it, & even more glad that it lived up to my expectations…. Thank you so much, Freya Barrington, I look forward to your next book with great expectations…

    Lewisland via Amazon UK

Known to Social Services – Comments via other Social Media

I am on Chapter 22 I really like the way you bring all the characters together it really opened my eyes to what Social workers are up against well written. FR

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve read your book whilst in Tenerife!! What a fabulously written novel. You social workers are remarkable people doing a tough job in a society where people just look for blame. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and genuinely can’t wait for book 2!!! Well done you! EP

Started reading known to social services by the great Freya Barrington can’t put it down!! FR

Hi my friend H wants to tell you your book is excellent. She finished it at 1:45 this morning (H isn’t too good on the Internet) HG

I’ve just read this very powerful book. It’s a must read! It’s emotional, shocking, scary and horrific in parts but I promise you won’t be able to put it down. JH

Finished your book last night it was fantastic, wish it had kept going forever I just did not want it to end. Just fascinating well done you. VB

Read a book yesterday from cover to cover in one sitting, bet you can’t guess what it is called. I thoroughly enjoyed it, makes you realise just what effect the media can have the public’s opinion. A brilliant story, well done Freya. ES

As close to frontline practice in a novel form as anything I have read

A gripping read! This book highlights the real life issues faced by social workers today. Well written and heart-warming in parts, an emotional read that will have you hooked

 Inspiring, fascinating, emotional…just could not put it down. This book is a must read by an inspiring author

Not enjoyed a book this much for years. I went through every emotion reading this: tears, anger and frustration. Every aspect of the daily lives of these people is described so accurately. A compelling read

Thanks to JW for buying me the ‘Known to Social Services’ book by Freya Barrington. Started chapter 4 at 1.30ish & then couldn’t put it down – just finished the whole book!!. I now have a neglected husband and greyhound!!!, kitchens a tip and no idea what we are having for tea!!. Definitely a recommended read!, can’t wait for the next one JL

Loved KTSS.. very helpful for me as a NQSW . I am very intrigued about the ending… when can we expect a sequel :)? K.D.

Recently finished @freyabarrington ‘Known to Social Services’ – a great teaching tool as it deals with SW processes, frustrations & people A.B.

Just finished, absolutely 5 star reading! I love it. The ending got me. Hope u do another, appreciate the insight M.R.

This book was one of the best I’ve read in a long time. Extremely well written and I’m so looking forward to reading the next one. Anyone who is a social worker or works with children should read this book. It’s a FANTASTIC read!!!! L.H.

This is a fantastic book. Well done to Freya. Very well written and a book you don’t want to put down until it’s finished. It has certainly made me look at social workers in a different light. Here’s to the next one. Get writing Freya! L.H.

@freyabarrington I lv it I’m not the best of readers but I honestly couldn’t put your book down and looking forward to part 2 – Caroline via Twitter

@freyabarrington Hi I read your book and it was #gripping#insightful#educational#heartwrenching#poor Diane

@freyabarrington loved your book. Great to read such an accurate portrayal of contemporary social work. Sad ending…but scarily plausible

GOZO is the Grass Greener ? BUY ONLINE

Front Cover Gozo Is the grass greenerbuy-button-amazon

Gozo: Is the Grass Greener? is the story of Freya Barrington and her husband, Steve, when they moved from the UK to live on the small, Mediterranean island of Gozo in the Maltese archipelago. Illustrated with numerous photographs, the book is filled with laugh-out-loud anecdotes and more sombre stories for which handkerchiefs will be needed, including an emotive, yet candid account of a real life struggle with Bipolar Disorder. Freya writes with unreserved honesty about how she and Steve met and fell in love. She goes on to share the story of their joint singing career, the manic drive across Europe; their fun-loving lurchers, Ollie and Ralph; and many other delightfully amusing tales about living in Gozo for four years. Gozo: Is the Grass Greener? has widespread appeal, making the book suitable for locals and non-locals alike.
Gozo: Is the Grass Greener? is available in paperback and ebook editions.

Known to Social Services 

Freya Cover GOOD USE THISbuy-button-amazon
Known to Social Services by senior child protection social worker Freya Barrington is #1 Bestseller at Amazon UK for social work books (Feb/Mar 2015). Written from life experience and ringing with authenticity, Known to Social Services follows Diane Foster, a dedicated social worker, into the grim, grey world of the Deacon Hill estate in Millbrook and the tormented lives of its inhabitants. Domestic violence, child abuse, serial paedophiles and ex-convicts proliferate in the daily lives of most of the children, but Diane enters deeply into this world of misery to help the victims and keep together the fragile structure of society. Hampered by an administration inhabited by paper-shuffling and uninvolved, uncaring bureaucrats, Diane fights unremittingly to protect the children of Deacon Hill from rape, horror, random violence, female genital mutilation and murder, within the context of a horrifying barrenness and desolate existential reality. Known to Social Services is available in paperback and ebook editions from all major booksellers including Amazon and directly from our eStore.