Freya Barrington is the pen name of the author Known to Social Services, the #1 UK Bestseller in the Social Work Category in early 2015 and again in mid-2016. Known to Social Services won its section in the 2015 London Book Festival and won an Honourable mention in the 2016 Paris Book Festival.

The book titled Gozo: Is the Grass Greener? was Freya’s second work, and earned an honourable mention in the 2015 London Book Festival and won its section in the 2016 Paris Book Festival.

Caught in Traffick is Freya’s third book to date and is the sequel to Known to Social Services.

Freya grew up in Lancashire, England with an overriding passion for animals, specifically horses. After attending a girls grammar school where English was her strongest subject, the only desire Freya held was to work with her beloved horses. To the dismay of her parents, she went to work in a racing yard.

Realising that it was not a passing phase, her parents eventually encouraged Freya in her chosen career and she went on to work with event horses, show jumpers and hunters, gaining several British Horse Society qualifications along the way – namely, the BHSAI, BHSII and BHSI (SM). All this enabled Freya to work as a riding instructor and trainer, which she did on a freelance basis. Freya continued working in the equestrian field for many years, eventually running her own yard.

A chance conversation with a friend brought about a change of career for Freya and she moved away from her life with horses, into the 332 unknown world of residential childcare. To her surprise, Freya found that she enjoyed that line of work and progressed to being a full-time foster carer for the local authority. It was at that time Freya first put pen to paper in a creative way, writing poems about the children with whom she came into contact. A short book of poetry was soon published and the proceeds were used to raise money for a local youth group.

During her time as a foster carer, Freya came into contact with social workers. Their dedication and expertise inspired her to also train as a social worker, gaining the Diploma in Social Work in 2001 from the University of Derby, with an award for excellence in practice. Freya also gained the Post-Qualifying Award in 2007. She is a registered member in good standing with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) of the United Kingdom.

Freya’s main area of expertise is as a senior child protection social worker. She has been the principal social worker and mentor within a number of teams. Freya has also worked as a foster carer’s support social worker, as a court advisor and hospital social worker. Since 2006, Freya has worked exclusively as an agency social worker, with specific focus on working for local authorities that require experienced social workers to offer support in the face of staff shortages. Freya’s assessments and reports are in high demand, with managers from several local authority areas making specific requests for her to join their teams.

In 2010, Freya moved with her husband, Steve, to the island of Gozo (Maltese Islands). Meanwhile, she continued working in England as an agency social worker, flying back and forth on a fortnightly basis. This attracted comments from colleagues who said that they would never again complain about their commute to work! It was at that time that the idea for writing her nonfiction books started taking shape, so with the full support of her husband, Freya took a year’s sabbatical to write.

Freya lived in Gozo with her husband from 2010 to mid-2015. It is the experiences they went through in this small, beautiful island in the Mediterranean that are presented in her second book titled Gozo: Is the Grass Greener? Freya is presently in Brittany, France, where she is currently writing short stories, before commencing work on another novel.

More about Freya Barrington and her work can be found at:

· Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/Freya-Barrington/e/B00U228K5I/ ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1
· Facebook Page facebook.com/FreyaBarrington
· Twitter @freyabarrington
· Google+ plus.google.com/107614255402573788705/posts

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